Wanderlust Wednesday: Italia

( First, I want to make it clear that I'm aware its not Wednesday. This post was for yesterday, and I liked the alliteration so I kept the post title)

I have a number of places that I'd like to travel to, but this weeks wanderlust post is dedicated to Italy.

Why Italy?

I've been to Italy one or twice before, but I don't quite remember when, or where. All I remember is the warm climate, the beautiful blue of the sea, the sun glowing, and a McDonald's branch that we must
 have been to...(no idea where that memory came from). Either way, this single memory of the place has me wanting to go back and experience it all over again.

Every country has features about it that makes it individual. For me, the Mediterranean aspect of the country makes Italy a place to go. The colours that you associate with the place are bright but not too vibrant, attracting people like myself to the country. Some colours include the Mediterranean blue- , the bright red, yellow, white, greens and that dusty, beige colour that are all found in the food and the environment. I am a person who is quite visual, and so this is an influencing factor.
 Additionally, I love how the culture of the country has kept even through modernisation of the place making Italy a place that is distinct amongst other European countries. There are several landmarks to visit, but above that even the streets and houses have a distinct taste of Italy in their design; the integrated culture in the landscape makes Italy such a beautiful place.

If I ever got the chance I would definitely go with a group of friends, about for or five of us - probably for a European break of some sort. I would need to go with people who would fully take on the role of being a tourist, and would want to embrace the Mediterranean vibes and culture, this means taking lots of photos (with a high quality camera*1) like these below:


Naples somewhere...I think
I love photos like this but how to people get up there?)

Love these colourful buildings

Gondola riding would be a great way to travel through Venice, despite the fact that I dislike water -travelling, I think it would be a great experience.
Gondolas through Venice

Again, how did the photographer get up here? Lovely photo though

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Taking a funny photo like this would be an absolute must. Who wouldn't do this at the Leaning Tower of Pisa? 

The birds... they will have to go, but Duomo di Milano is definitely one for a the photos.
Other than the landmarks and architecture, another reason why Italy is a desirable destinations is the food.*2 I would make sure that my friends and I eat as much of their food as possible; delicacies from the local markets, and restaurants as many nights as possible. Fresh pasta, fresh pizza, fresh salad, Italian cheese, fresh fish dishes, and ice-cream!*3 I would take pictures of those too because they certainly add to a holiday experience. 


Cute, and yummy again
This is sweet, a restaurant like this would be a nice place for a lunch
I can just imagine this piping hot and soft when cut...yum one more
Love a bit of prawns, this spaghetti dish looks good
I think these are oysters? Never had them but I think they would be nice in this dish
oysters again, with a bit of prawn and pasta
 Cheesy..literally lol
Recently, I kindled my like for cheese after a long period of avoiding it *4. Cheese-tasting, as odd as it sounds, would be something to do.

Whatever is in this salad looks good, a yes from me

Again, a yes from Sawda
Salad would be necessary because I would eat quite a bit. It balances the diet out too.*5

Love the fruit within the ice cream.

I would have several scoops for dessert, like this.
An Italian IceCream parlour would be on the list of places to go

Take me to Italy? Pretty, pretty please?



*I would have to make sure there is at least one high quality camera (like a strong Canon camera) with us because I hate taking one-in-a-lifetime photos with a poor quality camera. It really ruins the picture and upsets me. However, an iPhone/Samsung phone is needed for selfies, and there will be plenty of selfies. I've recently realised that I don't like the strongest of cameras on my face ( e.g photographer cameras,) because they pick out so much that I end up critiquing my face,or my stance in the photo that I dislike the photo (e.g "omg Iv'e got a spot right there...", "omg my smile is a bit funny..." " omg why is my face like that..." "who asked me to stand like that?!..."). 

Good camera devices are needed. A must.

*2  I love food in general. Its a good enough reason to go on holiday. If the food fails the whole holiday is at risk of failing despite the experiences, because food is that big of a factor. But who would go to Italy and not eat the food there? No one, exactly my point.

*3 I have he idea that the food in Italy is fresh, I'm not sure why. Fresh food is good food however, which makes me want to eat food. The list of food has made me hungry, which for a fasting person isn't good. Might have some pasta to break my fast today...

*4  I literally avoided cheese like the plague. I hated it so much. But I recently realised that cheese isn't that bad, its quite nice actually. I don't think that I'm going to like cheesy things any time soon though,  like Tangy Cheese Doritos , or cheese sandwiches. I prefer cheese melted, not hard - trust me there is a difference in the taste. 

*5  In all honesty, I don't think salad is going to neutralise the unhealthy-effect that foods like pizza and ice-cream would contribute to. However, its nice to dream, and hopefully, I won't eat horrendous amounts, just enough to say that I truly experienced the foods there. If I do eat a tonne of food, I will redeem myself with a healthier diet that after the trip - after I have enjoyed myself in Italy.


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