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Eid & "eidiquettes"

Although Eid was on Monday, I thought it was necessary to make a post based on Eid. For those who may not know, Eid- ul fitr is the first day of the next Islamic month after Ramadan, and so marks the end of the month of fasting. It's a day of celebration and often described as a festival. The Prophet SAW said:
 "Every people have a festival and this[ referring to Eid ] is our festival" This explains the celebratory nature of the day, and so many people set off to celebrate their eid.

But what does a Muslim typically do on Eid? There are many things to do to celebrate Eid, as long as their within Islamic bounds there is much choice. However there are certain customs followed on Eid day to stick to the Sunnah (teachings and ways) of the Prophet SAW.  It is recommended that one does ghusl (a whole body ritual bath)One would wear the best of their clothes as    This is related by ash-Shaf'i and al-Baghawi. Al-Hassan as-Sibt says: "The Messenger of Allah ordered us t…

Henna/mehndi madness

Eid is fast approaching- either tomorrow or Tuesday- and so as the custom follows a lot of people are out to get their henna/mehndi done*1.
I have always loved henna;the intricacy in some designs are just beautiful, but It seems this year henna has become increasingly popular as stars like Rihanna indulge in the trend. Below are some pictures of henna designs I like: The henna inspired tattoo was a definite improvement to whatever Rihanna tried before.*2
This was popular on twitter. Creative and pretty Pretty sure the jewel in the middle is just for the photo and doesn't actually stay there. The detail is great here Black henna is great for people who are darker, lovely and bold.
The henna cuff is a new popular trend, very nice though especially with the finger detail.
I don't know how to describe this other than amazing. I've come to realise that good nails aid the look. 

Borders of the hand and feet are cute.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Italia

( First, I want to make it clear that I'm aware its not Wednesday. This post was for yesterday, and I liked the alliteration so I kept the post title)
I have a number of places that I'd like to travel to, but this weeks wanderlust post is dedicated to Italy.