Myself. To the world of blogging. Its summer, I'm quite bored and I figured 'why not?'

I also told myself and some friends that this is something that I wanted to do, purely because the prospect of having a blog was intriguing.There are also other reasons like:

A) I feel that sometimes I quite a bit to say, which isn't always appropriate for Facebook or easy enough to constrain into the 140 characters of Twitter. Either way, a blog like this would be a good way of sharing and expressing my thoughts, and possibly sorting them out for myself in my head for myself. I have an opportunity to write out what I want to say in enough detail to keep myself content, and avoid misunderstanding (hopefully).

B) I like to look into things, and then share those things with other people. Not just opinion like I've said in  point A, but more like facts, how-to-dos and knowledge about random things. I think it'll be pretty cool to be able to know that I could be a base of knowledge for some people out there. "How did you know that?" one will say, and the other would reply "I read about it on Sawda's blog". It'll be nice to know that people are gaining something - like broadening horizons even if its just mentally - just by my existence. *1

C) Its a skill; blogging. I have a friend that told me they will spend their summer gaining skills, and I thought that it was a pretty productive use of her time. I quite liked the idea and told myself that blogging would be a useful thing for me because I'll hopefully improve my writing skills, specifically being able to express myself as accurately as I would like to. English in school has never been my strongest subject; I wouldn't say I failed it but I was never good at it enough to satisfy my own expectations. The problem wasn't analysis of literature, or ideas about a topic most of the time, but how to put those ideas on paper to let my reader know this is what she meant. So you could say an aim of this blog is to be better at English, but that would be a little late considering I've left school and will never be doing English again - its more of an attempt to satisfy myself in being able to write effectively.

D) A number of other pettier things, for example, being the 'blog' friend (because there is always a friend who has a blog) who can say "I'll write about it in my blog",or being able to say "I blog" like its a cool verb or something. Also indulging in technology and its uses which isn't so petty as I've decided that technology is definitely my chosen career path. Its an appropriate hobby for someone who is looking to go into the industry I think. Additionally, being persistent with something . Provided my blog is successful, I hope to blog often which personally I think would be good for myself.

Before I end this post, I think I must introduce myself a bit more.

Name: Sawda
(Which you probably already deduced from the page name, and above in this post)

I have a variation of nicknames that never really stuck like 'Saudi Arabia' due to similar pronunciation. 'Sawds' which is okay I guess, and 'Sodu' which I never understood, and probably never will. Also other annoying names that I won't reply to like "Saw-da", ie Saw-something & 'da' which is how you incorrectly pronounce my name.*2 So basically, I like to be called Sawda, its not completely original, but its not popular I don't think and so I've stick with my actual name. I really like it.

I am currently on 'summer vacation' as the American's say, I have finished my GCSE's (we thank the Lord), which makes me a 16 year-old teen for those who aren't familiar with the education system in England, who is currently living the life of complete freedom. *3

I'm a female, I'm Nigerian, I'm Muslim, I live in London....I like the colour purple, love it - its such a nice colour actually... I really don't know how else to describe myself, I guess you'll learn about me with my whilst reading my blog.

Hope you enjoy my posts,



*Here I quickly researched 'the purpose of blogs' and this succinct response was the first. I thought it was decent, and it summarises points (A) and (B), which must mean I am doing something right, right?
(After all, if WikiAnswers says something, it's got to be true! (sarcasm totally intended))
- Wiki Answers

*2 Appropriate because many a time in my life I've had to tell my friends "that's not my name" when they attempt to be funny with me.
- That's Not My Name

*3 When typing this the voice in my head said " Turn uuuuuuuh" a variation of the popular term "turn up"; also known as "tun up",or said as "turn down for what".  I then though of this song because of the concept of 'turning up'.
- Turn Down for What?!

( The video...a bit wild isn't it?)

I also thought of this song because quite literally right now "freedom is mine".

- Micheal Buble - Feeling Good

Apart from Buble, I wouldn't really say I listen to the Ting Tings or dubstep, but they were appropriate, so it doesn't matter.


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