Henna/mehndi madness

Eid is fast approaching- either tomorrow or Tuesday- and so as the custom follows a lot of people are out to get their henna/mehndi done*1.

I have always loved henna;the intricacy in some designs are just beautiful, but It seems this year henna has become increasingly popular as stars like Rihanna indulge in the trend. Below are some pictures of henna designs I like:
The henna inspired tattoo was a definite improvement to whatever Rihanna tried before.*2

This was popular on twitter. Creative and pretty
Pretty sure the jewel in the middle is just for the photo and doesn't actually stay there. The detail is great here
Black henna is great for people who are darker, lovely and bold.

The henna cuff is a new popular trend, very nice though especially with the finger detail.

I don't know how to describe this other than amazing. I've come to realise that good nails aid the look. 

Borders of the hand and feet are cute.

Bridal henna is always a show-stopper, so so beautiful. It must take patience, and a lot of skill from the artists, it's amazing work.

Imagine smudging this after this was done. Lol

All the way up her leg, Lovely. 

Henna+lace was a great idea. Dainty look of the feet here

The bangles and hand pieces are a bonus to the beautiful henna here.

As creative as one can be there are limits, the image below is the reason why I say so:

I saw this and said "ew" . Louis Vuitton is all good and great but not as a henna design. Did he create your hand or do the henna maybe? Just unnecessary. 

I like the colour of henna dyed hair; it brightens the hair and makes it look more alive *3. I've been wanting to do dye my hair with henna for a while but I have been discouraged by the scare stories (chunks in hair faking out,hair being overly dry and damaged etc), which I can't afford to happen to my hair. Maybe I'll research it to it more, in the meantime though I'll gaze at images like these and hope.

Below is an image of henna done by a friend. It was so beautiful the camera does it ill-justice.

Nonetheless henna is something I really like and would so much love to be able to do for myself and others. 

Teach me how to do henna? Do my henna pretty, pretty please?

Side notes 

*1 is it henna, or mehndi? I think it's an Arab vs Indian thing, and is not so serious, but recently I've been confused as to what to say. I grew up with henna, and so 'henna' is etched into my brain, but Indian friends around me say mehndi and so I'm left with two names for the one thing.

*2 Rihanna is one of the testimonials I'll use to never get a tattoo. Religious reasons of not permanently altering/ damaging the body aside, tattoos will forever be a no-go purely because of their permanence . I love how for a week or two- maybe more- you can have one design,  then switch to another. If your design fails, you have more than a second chance. However with a tattoo it's game over from the word go, and you'll forever have the design there on your body. I'm the type of person who'll get one, and then the next day will wake up and think " why on earth did I do this?". I'll then regret the fact I did it so why bother? Laser removal would then be a pain and the whole process a waste if time and money. A definite no.

*3 Ironic how hair is actually dead and not alive at all. The expression is a familiar one so I used it. You knew what I meant.


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