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For over a month now, my blog name has been "changing", as I'd grown tired of my blog name. I felt that it had to go, it was all a bit of a mouthful and just wasn't the one, and so I made the decision to remove it. But to what? The idea had been growing at the back of my mind for a while now and so I knew I wanted to do it, only thing holding me back was the new name. There was none. And so, as to not procrastinate, I got rid of the name and set it to"changing". Coincidently in that in the time that I've gone through some changes in parts of my life, some minor and some in progress but changes nonetheless.
I did doubt the change, because I don't like being indecisive, and it won;t be good for important factors like consistency.But change is good, great sometimes even. Here are some reasons to embrace change:  Click!

 The new name? The SawdaSphere. We have the atmosphere the stratosphere and many other '-spheres', so this blog is essentially…