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lol hi

My blog name still remains "sawdadoesnotblog" lol. In all honesty, My excuse is A levels, because they are not a joke. But if it makes matters any better, I can honestly say I haven't forgotten about this blog at all, I've just avoided writing because at the time I get the urge to express I don't find myself by a computer, and if I am by a computer I'm doing something else, and not putting effort into making my thoughts coherent enough to put on a blog.

"Analysis paralysis" is another thing that I suffer from but trying to let go of gradually. I was made aware of it when watching a Patricia Bright video  and I personally define it as as "over thinking and over analysing to the point of not actually doing anything". I do this so much and I feel like I've lost out and will continue to lose out because of it. I probably said something similar in the last post I made (yes, the one in September lol,) but saying your going to get rid and ac…