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My blog name still remains "sawdadoesnotblog" lol. In all honesty, My excuse is A levels, because they are not a joke. But if it makes matters any better, I can honestly say I haven't forgotten about this blog at all, I've just avoided writing because at the time I get the urge to express I don't find myself by a computer, and if I am by a computer I'm doing something else, and not putting effort into making my thoughts coherent enough to put on a blog.

"Analysis paralysis" is another thing that I suffer from but trying to let go of gradually. I was made aware of it when watching a Patricia Bright video  and I personally define it as as "over thinking and over analysing to the point of not actually doing anything". I do this so much and I feel like I've lost out and will continue to lose out because of it. I probably said something similar in the last post I made (yes, the one in September lol,) but saying your going to get rid and actually getting rid are two separate things.

On that note, procrastination is another thing that's so crippling.

"I'm gonna post this Friday"
*Friday comes*
"I'm gonna post this Sunday"
*Sunday Comes*
"Hmmmm...I might have a bit of spare time on Tuesday "
*Tuesday comes*
"Okay okat, this Friday is a must"

....and the cycle repeats and you find yourself in March.

As much as I like to plan, prepare and what not, I can often fall into the trap of just procrastinating because of it. In the scenario of writing something of expression like a blog, I've got to capture the feeling in the moment by doing things in the now and getting it out of the way. The same goes with tackling tasks. I just love the feeling of crossing things off my to-do list because I just did it and didn't "plan" to do it.

Anyway, not much point to this, other than attempting to re-establish something I want to genuinely do and hopefully do well.

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