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'A-Level' Up *

Literally, despite only being back at school for 1 and a half weeks, I feel the upgrade in intensity from what GCSE's were. It may actually be because I haven't had a proper form of learning or education in the last 3 months, but nonetheless, I'm feeling the effects of Sixth Form already.

I stayed in my school, and as much as I do wonder how it would have been if I had left, I always conclude with the idea that I did make the right decision in staying. The way I see it is that these two years are solely for getting into university, the easiest way of doing that being staying at my sixth form; in an environment that I'm comfortable and familiar with; both factors being those that I can use to my advantage.
I like sixth form, but at the same time I don't. I like being older in school and not having to wear the horrible uniform that I did, but there are downsides to the new academic life. Take having to wear your own clothes for example. Although I've just said t…

"Want This" Wednesday: Nike Air Max

Recently I have found a few Air Maxs that I would like amongst all those that I dislike. Also, I've made them the 'want' of my post because I haven't got a pair, and I would really like one to add to my footwear and make it whole in some sense.

4. ( )


2. 'All black' not only looks nice, but is easy to wear with anything. You can't go wrong with an all black. The reflective thing in the night is just an extra bonus. Any 'All Blacks' would do.
1. Outfits with Air Maxs Outfits like these have persuaded me that these Air Maxs aren't as bad as I thought they were. They can actually look good as I have found below.

Buy me a pair of Air Maxs? Pretty …


I was feeling pretty cool the other day, so This post is an OOTOD the extra O being for "other" as it wasn't today, rather the other day.