I was feeling pretty cool the other day, so This post is an OOTOD the extra O being for "other" as it wasn't today, rather the other day.

Oversized Aztec(?*) T-Shirt £??? From Kushi - was a gift from a family friend that I got years ago. Back then I was sure I'd never wear it but here I am wearing and loving it. I know she said something about a market though...

(Not really the best of images, apologies) Dorothy Perkins, suede body PU leather sleeves. £- Not from DP, that's for another post.

Mom jeans, New Look £12 (on sale). Got them big in a size 14 because there were none in my size and I thought that I'd get them anyway. Turns out that I really like the fit and the look it gives.

Some people hate them but I personally love the roll-up on the end of a pair of jeans. Plus my height means that it's either this or let them be extra slouchy. 

Chunky Black Buckled Boots, New Look £20. They are actually quite big in terms of fit. I got a size six which is normally okay but these boots have lots of room. They're fine to walk in though, just roomier than usual.

For my sleeves I used a long sleeve top from Primark. The price is forever changing for these type of basics so I'm not too sure on price.

I get my scarves from markets, namely Upton Park (Queens) market in East London for a deal of either £5 for 3 or £10 for 3 dependent on the type of scarves I'm buying. 

Oversized Round shades. New look, £5. These are my number one shades (and my only shades to be frank) and have proved popular over summer. Everywhere I've been someone has commented on them, and many people have literally tried them on or grabbed them of my face then wore them as 'their own'. 

Very loose and oversized.

 I've also tried this with white ( no images available, sorry) and this works too. I've matched the sleeves with the scarf, which makes the brown okay. The white was a good look too.

Snazzy socks, heheee

 I could have tried this tucked in... Belt was given so again I don't know about the price.

Snazzy socks again. Primark FYI, but idk how much, Sorry!
I have no description for my look, but I hope you've liked/ possibly been inspired by my OOTOD.


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