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#BlackLivesMatter / #IllrideWithYou / #PeshawarAttack

The last few weeks has seen the verdict of Mike Brown's killer,the start of the #IllRideWithYou trend after the attack in Australia and the Peshawar Attack. I feel that all these incidences are important to me because I am  Muslim, Black,and a school child; these situations bring to light difficulty that are faced by all of these groups.
Lets start with the Ferguson Decision.
I remember in the summer how this case was first ignited on social media*1, which is where I first heard of Mike Brown, how he was attacked, and the uproar it caused in his home town of Ferguson.I couldn't believe how people shoot him in surrender, and was even more shocked when I found out that it was police man on duty who shot him down. The injustice upset me, as many people concluded that the only reason that he was shot was because he was black.
The This is when I then remembered that Trayvon Martin was another young man that was shot, and nearer to the jury's hearing in November a young black b…

Want This Wednesday: Feeling the Fur

Its winter, so it that time of year where people bring out the long-loved fur to sweeten their look. Here are a few fur looks that I like.
1. The Fur Waistcoat 2. The Fur Collar

3. The fur Headband

Other fur assets can be nice, but these above are the wants of this Wednesday.
Buy my fur products, pretty, pretty please?