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What's wrong? An analogy

Let me give you an analogy of we're I'm at, for all those asking and wondering.

I'm going on a trip *1. I'm really excited. As in, REALLY pumped, buzzing ready to go. I've packed my bags, traced my route a billion and one times, phone and battery pack fully charged, clothes looking super cute. I am ready.

I leave. I walk, run, drive. I travel at a pretty decent pace, fuelled by enthusiasm and vision of where I'm going. On the horizon I see my destination. It's there somewhere a distance away and because I can see it and I'm pumped as mentioned earlier I now run, or up my gear or go into super turbo charge mode towards my destination that's so clearly in my view just there...

And then I stop.

I come to a hole in the road. A pit even. No, let's call it a grand canyon, because this dip is deep - fall down into and potentially break-my-every-bone-in-my-body deep.  I look to my left, my right and all I see is this grand canyon spanning this way and …