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No, I'm not dead, and no, funnily enough I haven't forgotten about this even though it really seems like I have lol. I can promise you there are drafts I didn't get round to finishing, and posts that are still in my head. I've had a long summer break that's about to come to an end and all in all, its been cool.

Some updates of the self include:
1.That competition that I last posted about? I won! Myself and some other girls will be in attendance InshaAllah*. 2. I got my first job, and let me tell you the struggle was real. I feel like the hunt was well worth it though, for several reasons. 3. I'm due to start studying a computer science degree. For now this sits with me with next to no emotion.  But I'll say alhamdulilah* for the fact, nonetheless.

Right now, I'm basically at the end of my long summer break, and in all honesty it didn't really go to plan. Not that I had the most solid plan in some aspects but in the others that I  did...well, Allah …