No, I'm not dead, and no, funnily enough I haven't forgotten about this even though it really seems like I have lol. I can promise you there are drafts I didn't get round to finishing, and posts that are still in my head. I've had a long summer break that's about to come to an end and all in all, its been cool.

Some updates of the self include:
1.That competition that I last posted about? I won! Myself and some other girls will be in attendance InshaAllah*.
2. I got my first job, and let me tell you the struggle was real. I feel like the hunt was well worth it though, for several reasons.
3. I'm due to start studying a computer science degree. For now this sits with me with next to no emotion.  But I'll say alhamdulilah* for the fact, nonetheless.

Right now, I'm basically at the end of my long summer break, and in all honesty it didn't really go to plan. Not that I had the most solid plan in some aspects but in the others that I  did...well, Allah is the best of planners after all. I like to be so in control of my life, plan things down to the T and look well ahead, but sometimes the most solid of plans can crumble under the Lord's will. To know that and to KNOW that are two separate things, right now, I'm in the process of fully digesting the KNOW to then get to a place where I'm at total peace with that.

It's ironic however, that I'm at a point where planning is essential. The ripple effect of my decisions and actions will be more prominent before and in a sense that's slightly nerve racking...

I can't really say I have a point to this train of thought, I just have this observation made, and an update I've shared with you.

*Most definitely going to use Muslim vocabulary more freely now. I have Christian friends that put IJN in confidence in their speech/text , even around me, so why am I reluctant to virtually do the same for myself? In trying to exercise authenticity, being the truest version of myself means using the words I think of naturally on my platforms openly and unapologetically so.


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