International Women's Day

As a young woman, I feel that a day like this is absolutely necessary in a global society. In the East and the West. women endure a constant battle to be valued appropriately and to be treated right, and today, the 8th March is the day that all the work that has been done is celebrated as women (and supportive men) stand up and show the world what we're really about.

I'm also glad to see the lack of discrimination in race and religion when celebrating the achievements of what we've done for the world. It's good to see the unity of femininity , all for a great cause.

Below are just a few inspiration women.

Oprah Winfrey, this lady...
 Rosa Parks: Standing up - or correctly: sitting down for what she believed in

Image result for william sisters
William sisters changed the game (-of tennis- quite literally)!
Image result for katniss everdeen
Fictional but fierce, firey, and fabulous

Suffragettes, thanks for the vote

Gulabi Gang. Actual Squad Goals. Not a force to be reckoned with

Image result for angelou maya
Maya Angelou, who's famous 'Phenomenal Women' poem is found below.
Phenomenal women – maya angelou 
If you don't know about them, read and learn about them. And find more, there are so much more to be found and recognised.

Happy International Women's Day!


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