I've recently spent a lot of the free time that I use not studying, sleeping, eating (and all of the other essentials, which kind of isn't free time if I'm honest...*1) surfing the internet and social networking, particularly on Tumblr.
Its a softer blogging medium. Here on blogspot I feel like I have to have a bit more to say,I should plan behind my worlds and I have to think about how I am trying to iterate a point. However, on Tumblr, there seems to be a bit more...freedom, I guess.That may be because I tend to spend my time  clicking 'reblog' 'like' and 'follow', rather than making posts like I do here but it is generally a softer medium because of this. I was strolling - or scrolling*2- through Tumblr one day and I literally stumbled across the most revealing thing about a person I knew in real life, but didn't actually know closely.

For the years I've known this person, I've completely misjudged them, not badly or negatively but I was completely unaware of the person they are and discovering their Tumblr by complete accident was a big revelation to me. It was a shock to see this person blossom from behind a computer screen, to be humanised by Tumblr. So I wrote this post below, expressing that: 

I was genuinely moved, reading their posts and even their Tumblr bio could have made me shed a tear. I felt that for the half an hour or so I was exploring her page and person I was part of a high school movie scene because it was so surreal; more than coincidental to stumble across their page, I mean, what were the actual chances! 

It opened my eyes and made me appreciate social media for what good it can bring. There are individuals that use the internet and social media for bad personality revelations, such as being bullies, trolls, "Twitter warriors" and the likes, but this was somewhat a beautiful example of how the internet gives a platform for people to be free , their "entire self" as I've put it.

So I sit here and shoutout to the creators and even users of social media, not only for giving me an activity to do in my free time*3 but for giving people like this person a platform of confidence, I thank the Lord for bringing me to this, for opening my eyes and making me appreciate that there can be more to people than what meets the eye too, and that may be a really good thing.

(This is thepoint in which you follow my Tumblr if you have an account and you haven't already: My Tumblr

Sidenotes and Commentary

*1 What I described is basically not free time, more like free moments. I don't find my self so busy I have no time to do anything other than school but let me tell you A -levels... no joke. I find trying to fit as much study in as possible, so if I am awake enough the books are out, or if not I'm doing something to make sure the books can be out. If not I'm social networking, or researching, and hence the reason for this post came to be.

*2 The pun was intended- I cannot lie- but it wasn't premeditated so yay me! 
     *Pats myself on the back for that spontaneous thought*

 *3 Again, not free time. Looking at the time right now (22:33) I'm deciding whether a quick recap is worth it or if its just straight to bed for me
I think my bed is calling



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