The Blog Title

The most difficult thing about starting up this blog was the blog title itself, because blog titles are meant to be representative of your blog, and I had no*1 idea how I was supposed to do that in a blog title. One thing I did know was my blog was going to be personal, which meant that the blog name had to reflect me in some sort of way.

"Simple", I thought to myself *2. All I had to do was describe myself, make it look like a title, and I'm set. But it wasn't simple, because I didn't know how to describe myself. I find it awkward, and not easy to tell people what you are. Besides from the facts, like being female, Nigerian, Muslim, I couldn't find a selling point for myself.
 So I went to a few friends and asked them to describe me: in a few words, three words,or one word. I got good words, such as 'smart', which is great to be described as, but to put that in a blog title wouldn't be good enough. I also thought intelligence is relative; as much as I would say I have some, in comparison to others it may be nothing. For example, going to a grammar school means that smart is a standard, and unless you are that student that gets A*s everyday, since day one, smart isn't that amazing.I also was described as 'kind', 'funny' - again, nice words but not blog title words. I wanted the name to be different, it needed to bang *3.

One word that I do get often, was 'weird' because even I can admit that I can be quite outside the box in comparison to my peers. A long while back the term 'weird' slightly offended me, but I soon got used to it and realised that being different is a good thing most time if not all time.I was pretty sure that my friends weren't out to offend me at those times, and to have an edge against other people and to be recognised for that - for whatever I did/do - has got to be a good thing. So I went with the concept of being slightly weird, but with a positive effect.

I started googling words, starting with words that I knew like 'weird' and finding synonyms of those words, and then synonyms of those words, until I got to the word zany which Google defined as "amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic". I like the word zany on paper (or in this case, on screen) but I didn't like the pronuncaition. Listening to the word reminded me of other words and things such as Zain Malik (which isn't a totally bad thought*4), a few Zainabs I know, and various other words that slightly rhymed with the word 'zany'. Again, the word didn't bang.*3 The word idiosyncratic, however, as much as a mouthful it is to say, was interesting, and because I was unfamiliar with the word at the time, I had to google that word too. I was then given the definition "relating to idiosyncrasy; peculiar or individual" and idiosyncrasy being "a mode of behaviour or way of thought peculiar to an individual". I thought this was a befitting word*5 because to be described as 'weird' when I don't attempt to be must mean that I have a ways of thought that are individual to myself. As much as the definition was "peculiar or individual", I feel that to be peculiar is to be individual, and so they are somewhat the same thing, and therefore good enough for describing me.

Free verse is poetic term that was appropriate because I knew my blog was going to be like a free verse poem. "Open" in the sense that I will not be constrained to any genre other than being personal, "free" in the sense that like free verse "does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern" , my blog won't be restricted to writing about anything in particular, and finally because free verse "tends to follow the rhythm of natural speech", which would be relevant because my blog should mirror my natural thoughts.

In conclusion to the title, using the word 'soul' once more highlights the personal tone I was going for as well as a spirituality that I think that I possess. Putting "your heart and soul" into something is a great way of personalisation; character, energy, emotion - they all come under the word "soul" and will hopefully be found throughout my posts.

(I feel like I'm in English classes again, analysing words and phrases and looking at significance and meaning , lol)

 I then had it. The blog name. Free Verse Of an Idiosyncratic Soul. It banged.*3

( I now feel like because of the English-lesson nature that I need to sign out with a meaningful message of some sort, I have nothing to say other than:)

Keep it real guys,



Glossary Of Terms and Side Notes

Never really watched Spongebob, but I found this and it fit how I knew "Absolutely Nothing". If you did watch and like Spongebob, here's to you.

*2 This advert comes to mind, just for the end of it.
 The car insurance is irrelevant but I could say not entirely because I really, really, really (get the point?) want a car asap (18 in the UK). Probably won't get one (- when I'm 18 - hopefully 20?), but that's another post for another time.  

*3 The term 'to bang' is a slang term used in London, (and probably rest of the Uk - but to me it would be kind of weird hearing a Scottish person using the term -) used to describe something that has a positive, desired and satisfactory impact. 

*4 Bad thought? I think not.

*5 The word banged basically, so much that I think for the time being its my new favourite word. It was obscure, but not awfully obscure.It sounded right in terms of syllables for a title, especially seeing as I had a thing about it being long, but long in the right way, i.e having the right number of syllables to be in the blog title ( I also have another thing with perfectionism, or meeting the image or idea in my head that I can't see but rather feel. If you had seen the way that I went back and forth with the colours and layouts of a ready-made template...even I was was tired with myself!) Weird? Probably, but that would just go to compliment my idiosyncrasy, and thus, assuring me that the name is the one.


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