Ramadan Week 1

(I just want to start of this post by saying that I do realise that week one has passed, but being busy has meant that I posted this late...apologies!)

I knew I'd be tired, but I didn't imagine I'd be so busy and so drained! I thought that post-exams meant I would be free, and will have plenty of time to focus on several things but...I was too wrong!

The biggest thing this month for me however, would have to be concentrating on my fasting. Not many people remember or even realise that fasting in Islam is not just meant to be for the sake of being hungry but to increase 'Taqwa' - a sense of God-consciousness. I wouldn't say that it has been easy or I have been perfect but I can say I have been trying, and my empty stomach does remind me.

Ramadan has also made me realise that in this country at least we have SO MUCH food, an excess even. I have managed to collect snacks almost every day from my friends to eat later, even though I know that I have a consistently full fridge and freezer at home. I take the snacks because I've been given them and at the time I am hungry but in honesty I get to Iftar (when you break your fast at Maghrib - 4th prayer at sunset) and feel like I didn't even need them.

A lot of people seem to think that we fast for the poor, who are people you remember when fasting, but really and truly one fasts for themselves and for what they gain  out of it.

Right now I am currently looking to make the most of the month, as a blessed month like this should not come and go without one seeing something bettering themselves in one way. I think in conclusion I've realised that its not the hunger, thirst and physicality of Ramadan that one should focus on but but the character development and the more spiritual side of the month that I for one need to consider and bare in mind more.

To anyone fasting out there,May Allah make this fast beneficial for us, Ameen.

And to everyone else, watch this space!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I guess I have It easier because I am not in school,


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