Its pretty obvious that blogging has not been on my recent list of  'things to do' seeing as my exams just seemed to take over life completely - but I am back (and freeeeeee)! Back and better I would like to think; you can see that there's been a change in the blog theme, and as I strengthen my coding abilities  hopefully we'll see some more.

Inline images 1
Code Academy, still with the basics here
Ramadan has just began and I am B U Z Z I N G. Its the best month of the year hands down for reasons that could take me an infinite amount of time to explain. Going to school will be hard and I couldn't even say that I have the most structured 'Ramadan plan' if any at all, but I am excited for what it will bring.
Ramadan Kareem to my brothers and sisters out there.

Make sure you watch this space!


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