Results Day

It feels like just recently when I was sitting in the exam halls doing my GCSE exams, and I have been waiting (not so nervously *1) since mid-June for the results.

I did well; Pathetic fallacy played its role as today was a sunny day and I got 5A*s, 6As which I am very happy with. Can't stop saying alhamdulilah (All praise be to Allah*1) for these grades because they've made me so happy. What's more is that all my friends did well, as did the rest of the school so the mood of today has been great.
 If you read my first post, you would have read that English was never my strong subject,  and so one aim of the blog was to improve my literacy skills; but to my surprise it turns out that one of the A*s was in English literature! That grade of all grades was the most shocking, that single grade is what made everything sink in and actually reduced me to tears or relief and joy.
It seems that I underestimated myself in some sense as I wouldn't expect myself to have gotten certain grades and within some others do as well as I did, but alhamdulilah*2 I did.

I wouldn't say that I couldn't have done better; as much as I have achieved with these there were few grades that have me thinking, and others that were so close to the A* that its subtle torture to think about the subject and the exam and what I could have done.... *3.Despite the minuscule mental torment everything happens for a reason; reasons that I may not know, and may never know, but a reason all the same. Part of me believes that these grades reflect the fact that I am a capable student, but one with potential that I am definitely looking to tap into more next year. These grades are a sure motivation to do as well as I can next year in A levels that I am scared for but buzzing to dive into.

I told myself that I had to celebrate regardless, and bought myself a shake from sblended. It tasted great and satisfied my cravings but later on I was feeling...gassy. Does milk make you gassy? I've heard that it can. Who knows? I enjoyed the 'shake anyway.

Should have seen how pretty it was before this stage. Oh well

We then went to Jimmys, which is sweet because we hardly eat out and my dad was so intent on celebrating my success.
Love the colours with the gradient. And the taste, of course

The best thing about the grades (with self-achievement aside) is the fact that my parents were so proud. I broke the news to them on the phone and I could feel their joy radiating across the telephone line. My mum was screaming and I knew my dad had his extra-wide smile on his face when he heard the news. This is one thing that I don't mind my parents sharing with the whole world, his wife and his cousins if they feel like it.*4

I most definitely feel fulfilled.


Side Notes

*1 I was so relaxed for GCSE results that I thought that maybe I didn't do too well somehow. I have this tendency to stress a lot at one go then/or not at all which is what I did, I remember the stress I went through during the school year with coursework, finishing the syllabus and revision.During the holidays I was waiting for my grades like they weren't the foundation for the rest of my life.I felt nothing I am so thankful that  I did well because then I would feel like I should have been nervous.

*2 'Alhamdulilah' has literally been the theme of today.That may not make much sense but the phrase has been running through my head because I have Allah to thank for my success most certainly. For those non-Muslims who may not be so familiar, this phrase is used in the same sense as "to God be the glory". Even with the grades that I may or may not have done better in I have to say alhamdulilah because its something that I have achieved and something to be proud of.

*3 It may sound ungrateful so I apologise, but being so close hurts. The joy overrides any pain by far but I am one of those picky/fussy people who just have to see if they could have done better, where they could have done better, what could have gone wrong etc. Personally, I think it drives me to be an ambitious person. Despite what may be shortcomings I am content, and that is what matters today.

*4 Nigerian parents have a tendency to broadcast your business to other people; most probably other Nigerian relatives or friends who have children to compare with, or a lot to say for whatever it is your're talking about. Somehow, your business becomes everyone else's business and you regret opening your mouth in the first place. However, my results are those they can spread, because I feel they're great and worth all the chit-chat and commotion that this news may bring.


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