NCS; The Challenge - Week 1 and Week 2

So it turns out that my post for last week ( week one of NCS) didn't actually post for some bizarre reason, and so I have to apologise for being post-less for so long. Nonetheless, I'm here,back for now and posting.

Outside my comfort zone.

If I have to describe the last two weeks in one sentence that would definitely be the sentence. I did things that made me uncomfortable, drained my physically, and even mentally.

Take week 1. The physical challenge. I admit that I am not at my best in terms of fitness levels at the moment, so doing what I did in the last few weeks hasn't been easy. Funnily enough also, all the activities had something to do with being outside my comfort zone in different ways.

 Underground caving was wet and muddy, which in the massive suit we had to wear was especially uncomfortable. Additionally, it was dark. I wouldn't say I am scared of the dark, but I know that at the point where we were asked to turn off our headlights and close our eyes, I felt  very uneasy. It was way too dark for my liking, it made me feel like I was somewhat blind, and that was not a nice feeling.
We then hiked up Sugarloaf mountain, taking the longest route around the mountain. It was this day that let me know that I am lacking in fitness, because the hike practically killed me *1. Reaching the top was rewarding, the view was to die for *1.That same day we set up our teepee for an overnight campsite stay. Eight teen girls in a teepee; definitely another noteworthy experience. The morning after had my body aching like it never had before, but instead of having a rest for the day, we set of for canoeing. Most people love canoeing, but I dislike being of the ground ( i.e, on water, in the sky, anything that means that the gravity that I am so used to is missing*2 ), and so I dislike canoeing. After my panic episode at the beginning of the session, I got on, and the ride was okay...I guess. I was certainly peaceful which helped calm me.

There was then week 2. Residential Challenge. I've slept away from home many times before so sleeping away was not an issue. Even the prospect of cooking was not a problem. It was the limited food that was a serious problem. I never really realised how good I have it at home to have full cupboards and a full fridge until I got there and saw next to nothing. We were asked to pick our food the week before, but half of it never arrived and so I was quite hungry quite often in the week. It was quite upsetting really, but definitely challenging, which is what I signed up for. Luckily, I do cook, and so my flat members and I were able to fend for ourselves throughout this week.We also had the opportunity to visit a charity called CASPA, who work with autistic children. I learnt a lot about autism that I didn't know before, cleared up misconceptions and have been enlightened on the topic. The children were really sweet too - such a pleasure to meet.

Throughout the 2 weeks, the lack of internet almost drove me insane. I will not be putting Wales in any future 'want' posts as there is no 3G. Whilst typing this I still don't understand it. Everywhere we went in Wales during week one had no 3G, no wifi, and too many sheep. Greenwich University had enough 3G (we thank the Lord) but, there was no open wifi which shocked me seeing as it was an educational institute. Using my social media in this week too was not so easy, and surprisingly bought to my attention just how much I use wifi, 3G and the internet in general.

Most importantly, I have met great people. Team Edwards have been such a joy to be with and get to know, as well as everyone else in my wave. I can't even start to list the banter, jokes, and memories made with the people I've met.

The last two weeks have definitely inspired me.

(hopefully I can get some more photos soon)


*1 I never understood why there are such expressions as " to die for", "killed me", " The death of me" etc, but I have found myself using them of late. Strange? It could be the fact that I am socialising with people that use these terms, but honestly, they seem a bit extreme, death and killing are quite extreme.

*2 Do not lift me off the ground. I just don't like it.

 I am a pretty content land-mammal. That means I stay on the ground and do so as much as possible. I've always said if I was supposed to be in the air, I'll have wings, if I was to be in the sea, I'll have gills. I have neither so isn't that a good indication of where I should be? However I do know that if I want to see the world (which I really do) I have to suck up the fear. Hopefully I'll conquer the vast fear in the future. I would actually really like too.


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