Blessings over Barelys

(Wipes dust collecting on this blog. Fall down seven times, stand up eight, right?)

How many times have I wanted this, longed for that and looked for things without appreciating what I already have?

Many, I realise, as my eyes are opened to all the blessings I have that I never stopped to truly appreciate.

I woke up to my realisation when I was at a youth debate. At that point, the discussion was almost over, and thoughts were being shared. Particularly, a point on how local gyms are too expensive. "£30 - no one has that money to be spending just to keep fit" or something along those lines was said and quite a few more people agreed. But I didn't. Currently I gym (well not exactly in this month of Ramadan lol) and although I don't pay that much yet I was more than happy to accept that I would pay near to that for my membership when my current cheaper price plan ends. But the people around me, very similar in background weren't so keen and aren't able to. It made me literally think "wow" at how fortunate I am in that moment, but my realisation didn't just end with money. *

I got home, and needed a drink of water. I went straight to the water jug and chugged a few down. I can't remember at this point what made me think of Flint, but again another "wow" came to mind as their situation remains without clean drinking water. Water is something that is so overlooked in its importance but water is basically life. How the people in Flint are coping right now is beyond me.

My circle is certi, I can do many things, these are a few of my favourite blessings 

And the train of thought was ready to leave the station. It did, it hasn't stopped and I am currently contemplating methods as to keep it consistently going. I can see why people are into writing their blessings down and putting them in a jar or something - its so easy to be wrapped up in getting somewhere that you forget how far you've come and how much you've got and what a shame that is.

Maybe it's the Ramadan in the air, or the exam free mind, but I am glad I've been awoken to the bountiful life I live, and I hope you come to a point where you see the things you are grateful for too because this train is a m a z i n g.



*I really do hate mentioning money for some reason. Another post for another day, ay?


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