I've shared the longest story of all time on my snapchat story reflecting on my 2016, which had me thinking that 20L6 wasn't a complete L like I thought it was earlier. The Ls were there believe me but so were blessings and happiness and glo. I tried to articulate this earlier on my story how the journey we've taken one rotation around the sun has been a weird one, purely because I could never have anticipated that I'll be where I am today at the start of the year 2016 at all. I could have told you some things would happen and they did, I would have told you I'd have done this or I'll be this and I haven't, and there are a few things that I wouldn't even think would happen that did happen, both good and bad and everything in between.

 I tweeted that because i thought I'd be a somewhat completely 'bloomed flower' in the sense that I'd have ticked things off my almost "list of things to do" and in that by completion of those things I'd feel fulfilled. I've achieved some goals and haven't quite reached others but more importantly I've been able to grow and recognise things take time, growth is constant, change is inevitable. As cheesy as that sounds , what I'm trying to say is that I haven't "bloomed" in the way I thought I would, which was more linear and straight forward, but  I've "bloomed " in different ways which have made all the difference.

I can only hope and pray to continue on the path of positive growth.


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