A wise man once told me...

This is what came up with the search for "wise man" on Google. lol
So first off, this man was just a random man, I don't know if he was/is "wise" as such, I didn't even know, and still don't know who this man is. I just knew he was a man, basically a random uncle who turned to me mid-revision.

He started off with the typical "when are your exams?" every aunty and uncle pose you with in the library. At this point part of me was like "🙄 pls uncle" but of course, I was polite and answered the man's question, "In June" I said, and looked down to resume working.
He then said something along the lines of "work for yourself, don't work for other people" which made me look at him; I nodded in agreement. Again this partially just was to be polite, but this was admittedly good advice that I at least had to nod to. 
He then went on to say that in this day and age we live in an "open system" and that when he was growing up, the norm was that you were told by your parents to do a certain things, you had to work for someone else because that was the only option you had. Nowadays it's different, I should work and work for myself, he said.

Now I was really paying attention. Although the narrative had that "in my day" tone we've all heard from our parents before, he had a valid point. First point, that I should work for myself. If he had stopped there I would have taken the lesson that my "grind" is for me. We often talk about wanting to prove X and Y and Z a person wrong , stunt on the people that doubted or played you, but really the main focus of your life is you and not the next man speculating. I find that when I'm just being mindful of me and not everyone around me, my intentions are so much clearer; sincere intentions are something I really look for in everything. Not to mention the focus you have when you're just concentrating on you can be so good and productive in things like work. So yes uncle, I will work for me.

Second thing that resonates with me was the open system he referred to. We now know that not even the sky is the limit, and so if that is the case what stops me from tapping into all the potential I have other than myself? Vast Opportunities are at my fingertips  I have so much I can do. Open is limitless, limitless describes all there is out there.  When I think about it "system" is almost an oxymoron in the sense that systems are made to regulate and standardise things. In relation to what uncle said, I feel like the open system is almost a reflection of how one can choose to be led, whilst they can also choose to be their own leader.We have choice. I don't think he went deep into thought when he was speaking to me but we quite rightly so live in a "open system", and we have the choice to do what we want with that.

Thirdly, he  mentioned working for myself and not for someone else. Self-employment is one thing, and I have been looking into it, but he wouldn't have known that for the short time he spoke to me. Self-employment isn't for everyone and everyone can't be self employed, but I do think that working for yourself can be achieved by working to be self-fulfilled rather than just for the sake of it. Of course, you work to put food on your plate, but I was once advised to not work towards being something, but to work to fulfil something. For example, if you want to be someone that helps people, let that be an end goal rather than becoming a doctor because in that way you'll feel a greater sense of satisfaction. Going back to what the man said I think that working for yourself can be achieved by setting goals outside the money and outside the promotions and outside status.To work to facilitate opportunities in your life, manifest your character and express your personality is a lot better than working because you have bills to pay. It sounds a lot nicer and as much as I know it's easier said than done, it's something that I'd aim to do.

After he said those few words he said he'd leave me to work. As short as the encounter was, it moved me. The man spoke to me for no more than two minutes if that, but there was and still is something about the moment that touched me. I believe in signs and lessons so I'll take it as one, but besides that I'll describe the event as my friend who asked me what he was talking about did.



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