Enrichment Week

What have I been up to which stops me from posting regularly?

Well, this week was enrichment week where we were off school timetable and went about multiple activities. I was more than busy - everyday had me coming home and crashing just anywhere and anyhow.

Wasn't spent at school, I spent the day exploring London essentially, and visiting the science Musuem to find out more about computer science. I realised that London is large, definitely a place I want to explore this summer.


AS booklet deadline. 1st draft personal statement deadline. Coursework Deadline. So basically deadlines. The afternoon also brought about Prize Giving where I won an award for Computer Science (Woop!)

International Day. We had several workshops based on subjects across the curriculum but focused on the international concepts. I couldn't say I didn't enjoy my time today especially with the Street Art activity at the end. We had to draft street art before actually getting to spray, but by the time we got to the wall we just decided to have fun and try and make our mark. In need of a new artistic hobby? I recommend street art ( in legal areas only though).

Friday was Eid! Eid was busy, just like the rest of the week, but was nice in the sense that I did see friends and family even if it was for a short while. I think I ate more on Eid than I did the rest of the week, but hey, that's part of celebration right?

After coming home on Eid day, I literally collapsed onto the sofa. I had loads of things to blog about so I decided to put them in one post to try and give you a flavour of what I am up to. Hopefully my summer will be filled with activities, experiences and lessons that gives my a lot to blog about too.

Watch this space!


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