New Year's Resolutions

I tell myself every year that they're useless, how the stats show that the majority of people that make them don't keep them. I've had doubts as to whether I should create some, but in retrospect of my last year I think that New Year's Resolutions would be the best thing for positive change.

1. Look after my  body

Typical. Almost everybody that has New Year's Resolutions has one to "be healthier", "visit the gym more", "look after my skin", right?  But as of late a lot of things have been steering me to looking after myself more. I think as a young person who is satisfied with their physical image and rarely falls ill I take my health for granted. All the things that I may be complimented on now are not guaranteed especially if I don't take care of them. I definitely don't want to lose my positive attributes, and on top of that regret them, so doing things like looking after my skin, exercising, looking after my diet, my teeth, my hair are all on the list for maintaining this year.

2. Self Care

Looking back on last year I feel I've been too nice, too easy, too cowardly towards people for the sake of being diplomatic or agreeable. I've given more than second chances, let things slide and shrugged them off my shoulders due to my easy temperament towards people, forgiving forgetting nature. So this year, I'm not looking to be cruel, but to be wiser and learnt to put myself first a bit more. Less second chances, less cowardliness, and generally a more honest, deserving treatment of myself.


I felt that I need to be more productive, achieve more, just so I'm more accomplished after a certain period of time i.e a year. So, I've created the TtTs. Tasks to Tackle. This will consist of me giving myself 10 tasks that need to be completed before the end of that month such as reading a book, memorising a certain bit of Quran or reading its tafsir, researching, tidying, buying this, fixing this,experimenting, you get the gist? I'm also considering doing quarterly, semi-annual,summer, autumn, TtTs for tasks that may be more long term,short term or done in a certain season. I can also record these somehow at the end of the year I can look back and feel accomplished; know that I have progressed in some way shape of form.

4.Be creative, crafty and skillful

I was recently looking back on my school work, particularly art work and graphics coursework, and my sister said "ah, you're actually good at art..." (or something along those lines,) and I agreed. I also miss learning languages which I am quite interested in, and making things, doing crafty, creative things.In one way or another, I'm going to be more creative,experimental and innovative.


Every teen of my age seems to want more money, but it seems to make the world go round, its definitely needed. This year not only do I want to make money, but save better, and manage my finances more.Unlike most, I would like to have money not just to spend on myself, but to also spend on experiences with my family and friends, especially my sisters.

6.Be organised

Its essential, and with the pressure of A-levels I think now is a better time than ever to become properly organised, not half organised or even 75% organised with my life, but 100%. So that means timetables, schedules, planners, punctuality and being on point. Hopefully going to create a habit of being organised to the extent that by the end of the year sufficient organisation is not a task but an effortless habit.

Bought myself a diary. I like it especially because purple.

7. Be consistent

Consistency is the "key to success" and so to be successful in these resolutions, ttts and everything o do I'm going to be consistent. Many a time I've stated something and stopped, I've picked up a habit to drop it again and this year is the year I'm going to break the habit and be more productive with my actions. 


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