It's been a month...

Since I last made a post on this blog of mine. A whole month. Despite knowing I'll be busy due to things like my A-levels, I know I've just been lazy, and have procrastinated too much when it comes to blog posts. So in some sort of "compensation" for my lack of posts, I'm going to post what I've been doing in the last 30 days.

  1. Learning to be ambidextrous

hardly legible

 So apparently it takes about a month, with sufficient practice everyday to be ambidextrous. 
But have I been practicing everyday? 
No, not really.
Even holding pen is a task!

  • The first of October was Nigerian independence day, so I started this post about Nigeria which I never really saw the end of...

A lot of this case up. Ideas that were on my head but we're never put down or expressed. A shame really
There were no hats thrown in the air
  •  I graduated from the NCS programme. Probably one of the most dragged out things ever, but I enjoyed it.

Santa Monica Beach
  • Reminiscing. "Throwing back" as its called. I love looking back on photos and remember pong Good times.

Interesting stuff
  • Hardcore maths. At a maths club I recently joined, we were tackling tough mathematical questions. As much as I love months I was baffled at the end of it. Almost in hysterics because I was overwhelmed. But I like the club and will be back.

  • The second Eid of the year( out of the two for those who may be confused) came about recently. I dressed up took selfies, I ate, it was a nice day.

  • Being confused/ questioning. This is an example of why. Tell me why there's a book about cows in the maths AS textbook?

  • Campaigning:As part of NCS we set up our own campaign and had to go out into the public to spread awareness. Here is some of team Edwards, who I campaigned with.

  • Taking selfies is fun. I took a few selfies.
  • Walking; for me, walking to places isn't am option especially when there's a bus hat I can get on with a free Oyster card. However, I've walked a lot in the last month, and I think I'll continue.

  • Struggling in maths; in certain classes, ie Mechanics I left baffled as to what to do and why. It's frustrating but I'm determined to see the day I understand it.

  • Trying to be neat; I'm not the neatest when it comes to written things, especially maths. I don't bother with margins, and sometimes my work can get undeniably messy, even I am reluctant to read over my work sometimes. But I'm going to improve...somehow.

  • Yarn Braids; I've always liked the rasta look hair  and when insaw two girls do the do I tried some myself. I didn't actually finsih as I didn't but enough stuff, but I liked the feeling of DIY hair. With practice I'll get there I guess

  • Fearing Ebola; its spreading like wildfire in Africa, and is expected to be here in the UK soon( although I don't know how that's predictable). I have so much opinion on Ebola, but the fact of the matter is I would repay her not die of it. Hence the fear.
  • Connecting with Quran; I want to have an understanding of my Lord's words, and so reading Quran, particularly the English/ tafsir.
  • Laughing/joking; I like to keep light-hearted
  • Discussing/debating; Lately a lot of talks have taken place amongst friends about a variety of things. I like a good soul searching question every now and again.
  • Painting my nails; I'm not really good, they always chip, but seeing as school dress code doesn't stop me I'm giving it a go.
  • Finding my winter coat; I'm looking for a blush coloured coat. Collarless(or maybe not, depends), and long, but not too long. Zip/button fastening.

Photo 1 of Pale Pink Collarless Coat
Maybe not as light, but along the lines of this

  • Online window shopping; has to be window shopping. I'm a bit fund-less at the moment.
  • Struggling with earphones; One ears working the other is so its death bed. New EarPods are pending.
  • Being tired; I was called "sleep deprived" and since then I've been aware of how fatigued I am. If you go to my school, you know how tired I can get.
  • Becoming self-aware; being essential to personal development, being self aware is something I've started to try and be more. When you look into yourself you can realise a lot.
  • Being involved in school; senior house captain, guide for the recent open day, house council representative, I like to be involved in the school, especially seeing as I genuinely care for my school environment.
  • Developing a growth mindset; I had an assembly about growth and fixed mind sets. It wasn't the most inspiring thing but I concluded that I'm more fixed and growth, and for my self betterment I should enhance and develop my growth aspects.
  • Staying truthful; I've been trying this for a long while. It I've realised how easy it is to lie. And as I don't like lying, liars or deception if any type, I'm minimising and avoiding lying.
  • Losing/finding phone within 24 hours; I lost my phone, I found my phone at the bus garage luckily. As much as I hate it I need a phone. A half loaf is better than none. Its also funny how when I've lost my phone is when everybody contacts me, but when I've found it no-one contacts me and no-one is available.
  • Reading wide;when I was younger, I read a lot more and a lot more wider and I can see the difference it makes. When school ask us to do it it honestly helps.
  • Planning for future; life is moving so fast that I must plan, as "those who fail to plan, plan to fail", and "the future is for those who plan today"


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